Blackline Safety G7 DOCK

Connected gas calibration and bump testing

Blackline Safety’s G7 Dock is the simplest solution on the market for easily calibrating, bump testing and charging gas detection devices. Docks can be used with both G7c and G7x devices, and support G7 Single-gas, Multi-gas diffusion and Multi-gas pump gas sensor cartridges.

G7 Dock requires no initial setup or network integration — all communications are powered by the inserted G7 device. They are easily deployable, simply plug them into a power source, attach a gas cylinder and they are ready to go.

Ensuring the compliance status of a fleet has never been easier. With G7 Dock, bump tests and calibrations are straightforward, performed by simply placing G7 into the dock and using the inserted device’s screen and menu system to control dock actions. If a G7 device is due for a bump test or calibration, the dock will automatically perform the required test actions when the device is placed into the dock and the lid closed. All results are communicated in real-time to the user’s Blackline Live account after tests are complete, powering automated fleet reporting and Blackline data analytics.

For more customised systems, inlet settings can be configured in Blackline Live cloudhosted user portal, allowing for efficient mass deployments. Many organisations leverage the convenience of multi-gas mixtures (default) while others employ single-gas cylinders for the improved cost of detector testing and calibration. Each G7 Dock has five ports at the back of the device — four gas inlets and one outlet for exhausting calibration gas.