Honeywell BW™ MicroClip-Series

The industrial Honeywell BW™ MicroClip Series is the world’s most popular multi-gas portable detector, delivering long runtime and reliability — plus small size, low cost and the easiest user experience. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Honeywell BW™ MicroClip X3 for extended reliability with 3-year warranty 
  • Honeywell BW™ MicroClip XL for standard operation with 2-year warranty 
  • Guaranteed to run an entire shift — even at -4°F (-20°C) 
  • IP68 rating — unmatched water protection 
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use — with one-button operation and no extensive training 
  • Device management with Honeywell Safety Suite. 

Quick Specs 

  • Flashing green IntelliFlash™ light for compliance at a glance 
  • Reflex™ Technology ensures sensor responsiveness for safety, uptime and worker confidence.