Sampling system gas

We are offering you our well engineered sampling systems for use with our gas detectors for several specific applications in the printing, coating or other industrial processes.

Sampling systems are particularly useful when detection of flammable or toxic gases cannot be done by simply locating a detector in the required area. Factors preventing this may include physical location, temperature, humidity, dust, air flow and corrosive environments. A sampling system can be used to precondition a gas sample to enable accurate detection in both safety and process control type applications.

In addition to custom built solutions, Honeywell has developed a range of standard sampling systems that utilize Honeywell Sensepoint or Honeywell Searchpoint Optima Plus infrared point detectors for the detection of solvents in the printing and coating industries. By continually and accurately monitoring the levels of solvents in the atmosphere of a printing or coating machine, the process can be safely controlled enabling throughput to be maximised. Several thousand of these systems are already installed in major printing and coating manufacturing facilities ensuring safety while reducing costs
and maximising profits.

Depending on application and requirement UPM GmbH can offer a standardised or custom maded sampling system either with injector or pump build into a wall mounting/free standing cabinet or diectly onto a mounting plate. Depending on the hazardous area requirement of if SIL2 IEC61508 is required, UPM can offer a suitable system.