Honeywell Searchline Excel

The Honeywell Searchline Excel is an infrared open path gas detector to detect Methane and other hydrocarbons clouds in explosible areas

Why open path gas detection with Honeywell Searchline Excel?

Honeywell Searchline Excel supports individual point detectors and is offering many significant benefits including:

•  Wider area coverage – most likely to pick up any leak
•  Very high speed of response
•  NO unrevealed failure modes – no possibility of blocked gas path to detector

The patented optical design used in Honeywell Searchline Excel has proven itself as the only solution available that fully addresses all the challenges of open path gas detection. Unlike some competitive devices, it does not try to hide fundamental design inadequacy with the use of software masks that can compromise the unit’s ability to detect gas. 

Honeywell Searchline Excel employs a patented double band pass filter that fully compensates for all types of fog and / or rain, thereby allowing it to continue to operate accurately and reliably in all climatic conditions.

Typical Applications 
Offshore oil and gas platforms, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels, tankers, onshore oil and gas terminals, refineries, LNG/LPG bottling plants, gas compressor/metering stations, gas turbine power plants, other.

Features & benefits

•  Fast speed of response provides earliest warning
•  High sensitivity allows low alarm set points
•  Alignment free design makes installation simple
•  Duct flex and vibration tolerance keeps  the system online
•  Integral functional gas test facility allows for simple system check
•  Contamination resistant optics reduce the need for unscheduled maintenance
•  Not affected by interference from water vapor
•  Immune to catalytic poisons
•  Works in inert atmospheres