Honeywell SPM Flex

Whether you’re responding to an emergency, investigating a suspected leak or performing routine tool maintenance, you can count on Honeywell SPM Flex for unmatched accuracy, intuitive operation and flexible integration — even in challenging environments.

This portable, single point Honeywell Chemcassette® tape-based monitor is the latest Honeywell development using the colorimetric technology and is replacing the MDA SPM detecting ultrasensitive gases inherent in your operations — including hydrides, mineral acids, oxidizers and amines.

Honeywell Chemcassette® technology is highly specific and reacts extremely fast to the presence of parts per billion (ppb) levels of many hazardous gases.

Additional Features:

  • Visible proof of a gas release event
  • Greater sensitivity (detection down to parts per billion levels)
  • Superior selectivity (less cross-interference with other gases)
  • Fast response time
  • Low false alarm occurrence
  • Stability (consistent, repeatable operation)
  • No calibration required
  • Easy to use
  • Available in fixed and portable instrumentation

Additional Benefits:

  • Kontinuos Monitoring of 1 Point
  • Honeywell Chemcassette®-Technology with different variations and operating time
  • Analog and serial outputs