Honeywell Wireless Meshguard Gas Detection

Honeywell MeshGuard in combination with Honeywell Touchpoint™ Plus Wireless is a networkable wireless gas monitoring solution designed for quick deployment in areas where low cost/high ROI solutions are required. Honeywell MeshGuard is available with field-replaceable precision sensors specifically designed to sense toxic and flammable gases.

The Honeywell Touchpoint™ Plus Wireless is a hybrid multi-channel controller with a built-in wireless modem that is designed for integration with RAE Systems by Honeywell MeshGuard intelligent network of connected sensors combined with traditional hard wired sensors. The Honeywell Touchpoint™ Plus wireless is the command-and-control element of the wireless gas detection system that gathers data, monitors and activate alarms from Honeywell MeshGuard toxic, flammable gas and flame detection monitors.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Flexible to handle a variety of data processing and communication needs
  • Manages up to 64 wireless channels
  • 8 analogue 4-20mA inputs
  • Up to 14 programmable relay outputs
  • Touchscreen LCD
  • Self-forming wireless network; units come online automatically
  • IP-65 rated weather resistant, and splash guard equipped for sensor protection