Pfaudler pH / Lf / Redox Probes

The pH value is one of the most important and commonly measured values in many fields of process engineering. The stability of the entire production process can be increased by regulating the pH value in a targeted way. Thanks to their maintenance-free operation and long service lives, robust glass-lined pH probes are a cost-effective option for continuous use. Pfaudler pH probes are available with two different pH-measurement principles.

The glass-lined pH probe comprises a steel probe body with a highly-resistant, anti-adhesive technical glass lining to protect the surface in contact with the product. This makes the probe resistant to mechanical strain by flows, pressure, abrasion and vibrations. Probes can therefore be installed in piping and vessels where they are directly exposed to the flow, enabling direct, continuous online measurement in the main product stream.
Moreover, the smooth surface the glass lining protects the probe against corrosion and product build-up. Combined with a pressurised electrolyte system, these properties allow the probe to be installed in any position and direction, so the pH sensor can be installed directly at the point of use.

Unlike in glass electrodes, there is no internal buffer (discharge electrode). In contrast to conventional glass electrodes, the ion-sensitive glass area is only in contact with the process medium on one side. This prevents ageing and drift of the pH sensor. The operating life of a Pfaudler pH probe depends on chemical corrosion and abrasion (diagram corrosion resistance).

UPM Pfaudler Offering:

  • Pfaudler – pH Messsonde Typ 03 & 04
  • Pfaudler – pH Messsonde Typ 18 & 40
  • Pfaudler – pH Messsonde Typ Reiner
  • Other on request